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Membership to our club offers many benefits and opportunities.  We have classes at shows that are limited to members.  Memberships are accepted throughout the year.  

Members are eligible for year-end awards in multiple different categories and age brackets.  Entries for year-end awards must be completed prior to the start of the Memorial Day show in order to qualify for awards of that year. Year-end award award entries also require a service component at at least one of our shows.


Horse Ranch

The Beaver Creek Saddle and Bridle Club holds five annual meetings, normally scheduled in the months of January, April, July, October, and November. These meetings are typically convened on the first Monday of the respective month, although it is important to note that in some cases, such as January and July, the meetings may be rescheduled to the second Monday, contingent upon the positioning of holidays within the week.

The meeting locations are as follows: July and October meetings are conducted at the Club House, located on County Road A. Meanwhile, meetings scheduled for January, April, and November take place at Pizza Ranch in Oostburg. These meetings serve as valuable opportunities for club members to come together, discuss club matters, and plan for future activities and events.


For members only

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